The Wilmington Kennel Club is an organization of individuals whose hobby is the participation in the Sport of Purebred Dogs. The club works to…

  • Advance the study, breeding, exhibiting and care of purebred dogs through public service, support of like minded organizations and public education
  • Promote and protect the AKC breeds and AKC dog activities in Delaware and the surrounding area by working with legislators and local communities and serving as a resource on dog related issues
  • Participate in community activities with our public education information booth to educate the general public in all aspects of responsible dog ownership and the Sport of Purebred Dogs
  • Supply information to the public on AKC breeds and activities in our local community and nationally
  • Host annual sanctioned events and competitions that welcome AKC breeds
  • Run show handling, agility and obedience classes that welcome all dogs
  • Sponsor a variety of seminars and clinics that are open to the public