The best place for dog agility & obedience training in Delaware!

Obedience – Puppy
For puppies 12-20 weeks old at the time of the first class. Help your puppy grow up to be the pet you want. Puppies learn manners and basic obedience commands.
Obedience – Beginners
For dogs five months and older. Learn all of the basic commands: sit, stay, recall, down, heeling – and how to teach your dog to perform them. A trained dog is a better mannered and controllable pet.
Obedience – Level 2 & 3
For those graduates of Beginners Obedience who wish to continue training.
Show Handling
Learn to present your dog in the show ring. A well trained dog shown by a competent handler has a better chance to win. Also a good opportunity to keep both your and your dogs skills sharp.

Come join the exciting new and fun sport of Rally. Learn to navigate a course, which includes basic obedience maneuvers and many fun exercises!
Agility – Beginners
You and your dog will become familiar with the equipment and expand the skills needed to participate in this fun event! Must have passed a beginner obedience course.
Agility Intermediate
For those Graduates of the Beginner Agilty class who wish to continue training for this event.
Agility – Level 2 & 3
For graduates of the Agility Intermediate class.