A COVID Waiver must be signed before you attend a class or event at WKC.   If you have not yet signed the waiver or are not sure, use our online form to complete the requirement for attendance.

2022 Show ‘n Go Events

Obedience Show & Go:   January 8th, February 12th, March 19th, April 9th, May 21st, June 18th, July 9th, August 13th, September 10th, October 15th, November 12th

Rally Show & GoFebruary 20th, June 5th, September 18th, December 4th

An all breed obedience & rally “Show and Go” is a lot of fun! It’s a great way to practice obedience with your dog, in preparation to attending a trial.

Where are the Show ‘n Go Events held?

The Show and Go will be held at the WKC Training Building, 2035 Sunset Lake Rd., Newark DE.  The Show and Go is held indoors. The rings are fully matted. General admission is free and there is plenty of parking.

Entry Fees

$12 per entry

Online registration on the training page

Judging Times

Obedience :  8:30 am    Rally:   10:00 am


We can always use volunteers for these events.  For Obedience,  please contact Sonni Waldecker at or 610-733-6927.

For Rally, please contact Val Thawley at

Show and Go Workers Open Training Times. (Must have training pass or permission to enter building.)

January 2022 Events

 January 3rd – Training Classes for session 1 start this week

January 8th – Obedience Show n Go

February 2022 Events

February 12th – Obedience Show n Go

February 20th – Rally Show n Go

February 21st – Training Classes for session 2 start this week

February 26th – Annual Health Clinic

March 2022 Events

March 12th – AKC Rally Trials

March 13th – AKC Rally Trials

March 19th – Obedience Show n Go

April 2022 Events

April 9th – Obedience Show n Go

April 11th – Session 3 Training classes Start

April 29th & April 30th – Point Show

May 2022 Events

May 13th – Agility Trial

May 14th – Agility Trial

May 15th – Agility Trial

May 21st – Obedience Show N Go

June 2022 Events

June 5th – Rally Show N Go

June 10th – AKC Rally Trial

June 11th – AKC Obedience Trial

June 12th – AKC Obedience Trial

AKC Point Show

Attention all Dog Show exhibitors! We are happy to announce that we will be holding our annual point show on April 29 & 30.  Superintendent is Rau Dog Shows – please check their  website for the premium and any other information regarding the show. We hope to see you there!!

AKC Agility Trials

Come out and participate in our Agility Trials on May 13th, 14th, and 15th. Entries open on March 25th and close on April 26th. Please check Fast Times for entry information and premium.

AKC Rally and Obedience Trials

Come out an earn your title during our Rally and Obedience Trials on June 10th, 11th, and 12th.  Rally is being held on Friday afternoon. Saturday and Sunday are obedience trials. The judge for Rally and both Obedience trials is Cheryl Pratt.   Entries open on March 1st and close on May 25th so don’t miss out!   Premium

AKC Event and Related Organization Links

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