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Beginner Obedience


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Session Calendar and Class Schedule

Whether or not you are a WKC member, you're welcome to enroll your dog in any of our wonderful training classes.  Unless otherwise noted, our classes involve six weekly hour-long sessions.  Cost for non-members is $120.00 and $100 for WKC members.

Please use the Class Registration Form to sign up for courses.  It's available on the website and at the WKC training facility. Please mail the completed form with your payment to WKC, or you may bring your payment to the first class.  We do not yet accept credit cards, so please pay with cash or a check made out to WKC.

Also, be sure to send us evidence of your dog's vaccination record or bring it with you to your first class. 

Session 3 classes begin Monday, April 15, and conclude the week of May 20.

Session 4 classes begin Monday, June 3, and conclude the week of July 15.

Session 5 classes begin Monday, July 29, and conclude the week of September 2.  September 2 is Labor Day, so we offer a make-up day on Monday, September 9. 

Session 6 classes begin on Monday, September 16, and conclude the week of October 21.

Session 7 classes begin on Monday, November 4, and conclude the week of December 9.  There are no classes on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 28.  The make-up day for those classes in Thursday, December 19.

Detailed 2019 Session Calendar 

WKC 2019 Monday, Wednesday, Thursday Calendar
Session 1
Begins Week of Monday, January 7th
Ends Week of Monday, February 11th
Off Week February 18th

Session 2
Begins Week of February 25th
Ends Week of April 1st
Off Week April 8th

Session 3
Begins Week of April 15th
Ends Week of May 20th
Off Week of May 27th

Session 4
Begins Week of June 3rd
Ends Week of July 15th
No Classes week of July 1st
Off Week July 22nd

Session 5
Begins Week of July 29th
Ends Week of September 2nd
No Class Monday September 2nd (labor Day) Class make up on Monday September 9th
Off Week of September 9th

Session 6
Begins Week of September 16th
Ends Week of October 21st
Off Week October 28th

Session 7
Begins Week of November 4th
Ends Week of December 9th
No Class Thursday November 28th (Thanksgiving) Make up on Thursday December 19th

WKC 2019 Tuesday Calendar
The Tuesday training calendar accommodates the scheduled WKC General Meetings on the third Tuesday of each month.

Session 1
Begins Tuesday January 8th
Off Week for meeting January 15th
Off Week for meeting February 19th
Ends Tuesday February 26th

Session 2
Begins Tuesday March 5th
Off Week for meeting March 19th
Off Week for meeting April 16th
Ends Tuesday April 23rd

Session 3
Begins Tuesday April 30th
Off Week for meeting May 21st
Ends Tuesday June 11th
Off Week for meeting June18th

Session 4
Begins Tuesday June 25th
Off Week for meeting July 16th
Ends Tuesday August 6th

Session 5
Begins Tuesday August 13th
Off Week for meeting August 20th
Off Week for meeting September 17th
Ends Tuesday October 1st

Session 6
Begins Tuesday October 8th
Off week for meeting October15th
Off Week for meeting November 19th
Ends Tuesday November 26th
That leaves 2 open weeks (the 3rd and the10th) before Christmas that could be used for additional classes at the drop in fee of $25.00.  December 17th is the Club’s Holiday Party.

2019 Training Class Schedule

 MondayTuesdayWednesday Thursday
10:30 AMBeginner Obedience
11:30 AMAdvanced Beginner Obedience/Canine Good Citizen
6:15 PMBeginner Obedience/Rally
6:30 PMBeginner AgilityCompetition AgilityCombined Puppy Socialization/Manners (Effective Session 5, 2019)
7:30 PMAdv. Beginner/Novice Obedience
7:45 PMAdvanced Beginner AgiityIntermediate AgilityCompetition Show Handling
8:30 PMCompetition Obedience

Class Descriptions

WKC offers classes in Obedience, Agility, Rally, Show Handling - Confirmation, AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and Tracking.  Look for more classes in the future.


  • Puppy Socialization/Manners – We offer the Puppy Socialization/ Manners class to get your puppy started on the path to being a well behaved dog. This class teaches sit, stay, down, come, and loose leash walking. The class is for puppies 12 weeks to 6 months of age.16 weeks old. This class prepares puppies for the next level Beginners Obedience Class.
  • Beginners – for dogs 6 months and older
  • Introduces you and your dog to everyday skills such as loose leash walking, sit/down, come, and leave it.

  • Advanced Beginners – for dogs 6 months and older

    Builds on the skills learned in Beginners and strengthens the bond between dogs and handler. Skills such as front and finish are taught.  Jumping is introduced.This class is a pathway to earning the AKC Canine Good Citizen.

  • Competition  – for dogs 6 months and older

    This class is for the handlers wanting to learn the advanced commands and skills needed to show your dog in obedience and rally. Dogs and handlers must have successfully completed Advanced Beginners.


Restriction – Dogs must be over 1 year of age and have completed an Advanced Beginners Obedience Class.

  • Beginners – Teaches the equipment and basic communication skills for the dog and handler. Jumps, tunnels, and contact equipment add to the excitement.
  • Advanced Beginners – Continues to build on the communication skills between dog and handler. Small courses are introduced. Dogs begin to work off leash.
  • Intermediate – The dog and handler teams will work off lead with the equipment at full height. More handling skills will be introduced.
  • Competition – Class will run full courses and advanced handling will be stressed.


  • Dog and handler teams learn how to navigate a course of obedience exercises, such as sit/down walk around your dog, call front and finish, and jumping. Novice dogs remain on leash, all others begin working off leash. Dogs and handlers must have competed an Advanced Beginner Obedience class.


  • This class is for dogs 4 months and older. Handlers will learn how to show their dog in conformation events.
    Presentation, patterns, and procedures used in the ring will be explained and practiced. A proper show handling collar and soft treats are needed.


  • The skills necessary to earn the CGC are taught as part of the Advanced Beginner Classes. CGC evaluations are offered at the end of each session for those interested.  Go to AKC.org to learn the requirements. The CGC is often a requirement to becoming a certified therapy team.


  • This class emphasizes building a partnership bond with your dog while having a great time outdoors in nature doing something dogs are naturally gifted at and love to do. The class develops the foundation concepts and techniques for the AKC Tracking Dog Test including understanding scent, designing tracks, developing motivation, confidence, skills, and developing handler support skills. The class may be repeated to build capabilities for beginners.
    The class is held outside at Fair Hill NRMA, Elkton, MD. Classes are rescheduled for inclement weather. One dog per handler, unless special permission is granted by the instructors.
  • NOTE: Tracking classes will resume in the fall in cooler weather.  Please check back for class schedules and announcements.

Equipment needed

For puppy, obedience, rally, and agility training, you should have and use a buckle collar, 6-foot lead, and lots of soft treats and/or a favorite toy.

Please note the WKC does not permit retractable leashes for safety issues.

WKC Instructor Bio’s