WKC Annual Health Clinic - Saturday, February 26, 2022

Services Offered:

OFA Eye Exam (Dr. Bowersox - will using the OFA online procedure, see document for instructions  https://wilmingtonkennelclub.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/OFA-Eye-exam-Online-Process.pdf)

Cardiac Exams - Dr. Megan King VMD,  Diplomate ACVIM (Cardiology) - Echocardiogram & Auscultation exams

Bloodwork - Dr. Alison Ladman - Distemper Parvo Titer, Heartworm Antigen, Superchem w/CBC, Total Body Function, Thyroid Profile 2, OFA Thyroid Panal, Accuplex 4

Vaccines - DP, Bordatella(oral), Rabies and Microchips

CGC/CGCA/Trick Testing (limited to 10 total)

You must complete a separate registration for each pet attending the event.

Appointment times will be emailed to the address provided in your registration after registration have closed on Wednesday, February 16th.  


  • Health Clinic - Feb 26th
    February 26, 2022
    9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Details Price Qty
OFA Eye Certification Registry (ECR) Exam$50.00 (USD)  
Cardiac Exam - Auscultation$55.00 (USD)  
Cardiac Exam - Echocardiogram$300.00 (USD)  
CGC$20.00 (USD)  
CGCA$20.00 (USD)  
Trick$20.00 (USD)  
Vaccine - DP$15.00 (USD)  
Vaccine - Bordatella$15.00 (USD)  
Vaccine - Rabies$15.00 (USD)  
Microchip$25.00 (USD)  
Bloodwork: Distemper & Parvo Vaccine Titers$70.00 (USD)  
Bloodwork: Superchem w/CBC$65.00 (USD)  
Bloodwork: Total Body Function (Superchem/ CBC / T4)$80.00 (USD)  
Bloodwork: Thyroid Profile 2 (T4, FT4, (ED))$85.00 (USD)  
Bloodwork: Lyme / Ehrlichiosis / Heartworm / Anaplasmosis)$40.00 (USD)  
Bloodwork: OFA Thyroid (Limit 20 dogs for the entire clinic) (NOTE: Dogs less than 25 lbs. cannot have this test in conjunction with any other test that requires a blood sample.)$115.00 (USD)  
Bloodwork: Heartworm (added to any above blood test)$15.00 (USD)  


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